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Founded in 2020, X Wolfers is the leading independent digital media resource covering a wide range of news about blockchain technology, crypto assets, all exchange assets and emerging financial technology trends.

Our team presents every day the most accurate and up to date news from the decentralized and decentralized worlds. Our editorial content builds on our passion for unbiased news, in-depth analysis, comprehensive cryptocurrency price charts and insightful opinion articles, as well as regular reports on the social transformation that digital currencies bring. We believe that the decentralized world will grow dramatically, becoming an integral part of our daily life.

We work every day to help educate our readers and raise awareness about the complexities and benefits presented in today’s digital revolution. With technology breakthroughs now occurring in areas such as AI, VR, nanotechnology, quantum computing and an increasing number of companies, businessmen and consumers who adopt blockchain technology in everyday life, we aim to inform, educate and share valuable information with our readers.

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