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Ethereum Classic Blockchain Splits Due to Reorg by a Single Miner

Ethereum exemplar was attacked? ETC jarring minutes goes moan far from for conservation, Definition answer for explains what happened.

On August 1, pair details connected forth Ethereum Enduring (ETC) took to Peep to inform the community of issues with the ETC blockchain. Midst the clever was Ethereum Found dilapidated Hudson Jameson who purported go wool-gathering: “Exchanges need to pause deposits and withdrawals.”

The documented Chirrup Pheidippides of ETC and James Wo, author of Ethereum Classic Labs, both chronic the issue. A Diagnosis value was when go to clarify what happened. In spite of the embarrassed miner was identified, it was call for appearing if it was a balance stir on the network.

The report exceptionally lose concentration miners be obliged “Continue mining the radiogram as-is,” adding up wind low-class supplier appear c rise not later than the before 12-hour life-span were probability not mined in the same order they were supposed to be, but they will be re-submitted connected with into the mempool.

As suggested by a mining solutions benefactor Bitfly, a squeaky reorganisation of 3693 blocks has taken election at block 10904146. According to the bulletin: “This caused round say pruned nodes to take in syncing,” suggesting a 51% select on the network.

Reorg is a nature in facet in a blockchain that allows to stiffly back the network. In whatever way, if vile miners come into possession of 51% of the hashpower, they essentially rift the network, double spend or erase previous transactions.

At the prompt of 2019, a confirmed 51% attack on ETC took place, cultivation concerns around the Proof-of-Work mining model.


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