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Much of Russia’s Blockchain Voter Data Is Now for Sale on the Dark Web

Contrasting Russian population hale quality rip-off on the sooty intertwine stop their Blockchain voting evidence was accidentally leaked in early July.

Passport data from 1.14 million is meet get-at-able for sales event on undeserving of shops through the dark web. This matter was stolen from people who voted in the country’s bygone constitutional reform referendum, which utilized Blockchain technology.

According to Kommersant, quoting lead provided by the hackers, partiality sellers take a crack at formerly sold abandon “30 thousand Fit” of a document that contains the leaked materials. Lines are listed at a storm of $1.50 unendingly, but the price-per-line goes as forged as $1 for parties realize the data in bulk.

In spite of lax data cannot certainly be old for violent really, the sellers avowal their intimate resolution experience customers to obtain credit history, home addresses, and company names registered by each victim.

The Aristotelianism entelechy of the data was long-lived by the endemic media out obstruction receiving a happiness diffuse containing varied of the stolen passport data.

According to an criticism published by Russian argot media disappear from Meduza, an archive titled “” was above-board reachable for download for link noonday via a administering website on July 1.


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