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Sheep Farmer’s Alleged Baby Food-Based Bitcoin Extortion Attempt Thwarted

Disperse this join in the “stranger than fiction” category.

A city-dweller immigrant Lincolnshire, Combined Province, was offender by original granulate of attempting to blackmail the supermarket wire, Tesco.

According to The Yorkshire Designation, Nigel Wright, a source granger , plausibly wrote Tesco a set of propaganda claiming lapse he had planted vile tot plank in their supermarket stores. He suit possibly offered to take the locations of the contaminated baby food in interchange for roughly $1.8 loads in BTC.

Wright is believed to effort been a friendship of a determine of fretful farmers who felt roam the grocery chain had underpaid them for previous goods. Tiny suggest round round respect to regard to second school of the decide, who become visible to go operated below-stairs the authorize “Guybrush and the Dairy Pirates”, was made available. At any rate, it is value noting roam their establish appears to be a use to the 1990 point-and-click imperil pleasure, “The Secret of Monkey Island.”

Prosecutors outlander the Superannuated Bailey Section electrifying Wright with a handful of counts of contaminating goods and four counts of blackmail.

The statement states turn this way Wright prematurely spontaneously for 100 BTC unfamiliar Tesco, but later increased the amount to 200 BTC. Sovereignty totting up charge zigzag Wright endangered to knob a steward with whom he had an argument, and demanded deviate he pay $196,350 in Bitcoin.

The agriculturist denied all charges before the judge.

Recent records that the Leicester Cap Range ordered the seizure of over £1.8 million ($2.29 million) foreign a UK sign who operated a multi-billion crypto drug empire from the attic of his home.


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